June 29, 2015
Todd Slind

That’s what we’ve found. So we’re creating a special place – this place – for us to share more about what we’re up to.

Did you know we just launched a tool for NASA/USAID that pulls data from satellites and geospatial technologies to help manage climate risks and land use in developing countries? Have you met our newest team members – Sarah and Zach?

Perhaps not. Starting this summer, we’re granting you extra access to SpatialDev and we’re excited because we have so much to say!

We’re not just talking about new project launches. We’re lucky to travel the world on behalf of some of the greatest clients in the development community, commercial space, and other fields. We’ll tell you what we’re doing, who we’re meeting, what we’re seeing, even what we’re eating! We’ll introduce you to SpatialDev’s team of great people who work tirelessly to help solve pretty complex issues. This News page will also serve as a platform for them to share their latest and greatest ideas and thoughts on technology.

Welcome to SpatialDev’s News page. We hope you visit often to see what we’re up to.

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