August 05, 2015
Todd Slind

Spatial Dev is pleased to announce that the Cadasta Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing avenues for marginalized people to assert their land rights and secure tenure, is partnering with us to build out their Open Source technology platform. We recently held a kickoff workshop with the Cadasta team at our Seattle Headquarters to launch their exciting project that brings together a range of functionalities such as field data collection, workflow, content management, visualization, and reporting. Cadasta will be a robust and extensible platform to support the lifecycle for establishing land tenure, rights of use, and ultimately recognition of property ownership.

We’re serving as Cadasta’s engineering arm while they assemble their team internally. Building on the momentum of their launch, we’re putting together the initial release of the Cadasta platform focused on facilitating the end of informal land tenure. The project will be fully Open Source in spirit and practice. We’ll be developing in the open and leveraging the incredible tools already in existence. Some of the specific areas the Spatial Dev team is looking into are enhancements to the existing data collection toolset to better support land tenure work, as well as implementing robust workflow support and online editing capabilities.

Our collective teams spent two solid days in creative brainstorming and discovery to flesh out the platform requirements, wrapping up with the most productive data modeling session we’ve probably ever had at SpatialDev HQ. We’re super jazzed about the Cadasta project, and can’t wait to see the results this partnership will bring to the land tenure sector.

To learn more about Cadasta and their mission, check out their site

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