May 05, 2016
Sarah Bindman

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and a perfect opportunity to reflect on the wonderful mothers at SpatialDev! As a young person on the team, I benefit from having role models that I can look to as examples of how to balance a career and motherhood. The mothers on our team fill a variety of roles including software engineer, designer, project manager, and operations director. One thing I have noticed is that each mother has found their own approach to balancing family and work. Some mothers work remotely while others work atypical hours. On occasion, mothers have even brought their kids into the office. I want to share my appreciation for all of our awesome SpatialDev moms and the great work they do.

MothersDay_Shawna1.png Shawna is a superstar developer. Within the team, Shawna is regarded for her ability to tackle complex problems while maintaining a keen eye for detail. Shawna balances her time with her two kids. Her daughter Abby can often be heard giggling in the background of remote Skype conversations.

MothersDay_Nomi.png Naomi is our office expert on all things design. She works with clients to make sure our final projects are clear, simple, and beautiful. When Naomi’s daughters come to visit, they sit next to mom so they can work on their sketching masterpieces.

Heidi makes sure everything gets done. Heidi excels at operations and logistics. When she isn’t coordinating tasks around the office, Heidi is organizing carpools for her son’s musical theater activities and tap dance recitals.

Kim is a project manager extraordinaire with an ability to speak to technical and non-technical audiences alike. When she isn’t managing communications between software developers and clients, she is coordinating her busy family schedule between driving to swim practice, playing with her Border Collie Cooper, and crafting the perfect s’more in their backyard fire pit.

SpatialDev is a wonderful place to work in part due to the diversity of experiences and roles on our team. We are lucky to have so many wonderful moms! Happy Mother’s Day.

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