January 11, 2017
Sarah Bindman

Last week, Seattle hosted its first Tech Ladies* meetup at Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe. Throughout the evening, I spoke to women working across multiple industries in a variety of roles including software developers, project managers, data experts, and security analysts. Some of the evening’s discussions included:

  1. Data security and healthcare companies’ responsibility to anonymize personally-identifying information in the health industry.
  2. Side projects and ways to get comfortable with new technologies.
  3. Remote Sensing and opportunities for using image-processing to monitor environmental degradation.
  4. Finding fulfillment at work and tips for navigating a male-dominated industry.

I left the evening feeling energized and excited for future opportunities to collaborate on projects, conferences and networking events.


A number of women from SpatialDev showed up for the event. Anna (center) discussed some of her mapping work at SpatialDev, which led to a discussion about web-map technologies and potential collaborations.

The Seattle Tech Ladies chapter is looking forward to hosting another event and would love to have you join us! Please visit https://www.hiretechladies.com/join for more information.

*Tech Ladies is an international community of women who work in tech. Tech Ladies’ mission is to “connect women with the best opportunities in tech, and to connect companies with the best women tech makers”.

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