March 18, 2016
Todd Slind

The SpatialDev team enjoys participating in conferences that are relevant to the work we do and the tools we use. This spring and summer, we have some great opportunities to share some of our recent work and contribute some labor to help put on one of our very favorite conferences.

Here’s some places where you can mingle with SpatialDev folks and find out about some of what we’ve been up to.

March 24th - GeekWire Anniversary Bash


A super fun annual event that brings out the Seattle tech community. GeekWire used to be our neighbors in Ballard, it’s been great to see them grow! We’ll be networking and looking for potential team members.

April 15th - CUGOS Spring Fling


Spring Fling attracts an eclectic mix of open source geo enthusiasts. Students, data geeks, developers, and drone jockeys will be there in force to hear about the latest and greatest happenings in the local opengeo community. If you make it to Spring Fling, you’ll learn more about our recent project contributing to the Cadasta platform.

May 2nd - 5th - FOSS4G North America


A bit farther afield is the Free and Open Source Software for(4) Geospatial conference (North America), this year held in Raleigh, North Carolina. FOSS4G NA has really expanded over the years and is now a great bridge between the different sub-communities in OpenGeo - contributors, users, academics and businesses. All coming together to share what they’re up to. If you make it to FOSS4G NA, don’t miss the POSM session.

July 23rd - 25th - State of the Map US


We’ve been doing a ton with OpenStreetMap over the last several years and we LOVE IT! We are super excited that Seattle will be hosting SoTM this summer. We are going all in to help put on a great conference. The program and schedule will be coming together over the next couple of months. It’ll be awesome. Come see us in July!

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